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Get the Most Out of Weed and Pest Control


We want you to have the best experience with us, and get the most out of your weed and pest control services. 

Weeds:dandelion weeds

We kill existing weeds and prevent new ones using pre and post emergents all in one treatment. Have a lawn? We use liquid fertilizer!  Here’s how to get the best weed control results:

-Don’t skip the 2nd treatment of the year! The second treatment makes all the difference the next spring. Continuous treatments means continuous control

-Water the product in ½” within 15 days. How do you do this? Get out a small dish, turn on the sprinkler and time it! Then move the sprinkler around where you need it for that amount of time!

What to expect: 75% weed reduction after the first treatment, then 95% after if you have treatment spring and fall

-Best time to have treatment is early spring and early fall. Clients who have the fall treatment have even better results with weed control in the spring! 



The products we use are not repellants, they work through extended release, making them effective for 90 days. 

Don’t skip the winter treatments. We’ve found that when treatment is skipped, spiders go inside seeking warmth and shelter, and lay eggs. When it warms up in spring and summer, the eggs hatch and spiders are everywhere.

Screens do not create a tight seal, so bugs can walk through the gaps. When it’s warm and windows are open, bugs can still walk under and around the screens into your home. You can add on our Spider Treatment to treat the window tracks and other common spider areas

Visible spiders are dying. Spiders love to hide, but after treatment you may see spiders out in the open because their nervous system is being affected by the products we use.

-Dead Bugs mean the product is working

Extra Spider Control

-Protocol: Treat the window tracks, treat wide barriers on the floor from exterior doors inward, treat  where ceiling meets the walls in bathrooms, treat wide barriers on floor next to baseboards. Starts at $50, and increases depending on square footage


-How often do you get pest control? We recommend at least quarterly, but if you have a lot of people in and out of your house, or live where spiders seem to be particularly bad, then you may want to move to every other month for the summer.

Do we do spot treatments? Yes we do! For pest- If you are having 2 or more bugs, grab a sample and put them in a plastic baggie. We may need to use a different product so having a bug to identify makes a difference. Also tell our technician where you found the bugs so he can spot treat the area

For weeds- we do a spot treatment between 30-60 days, up to 5 gallons. More than that is $5.50/gallon used. Often if we have to use more than 5 gallons it means the product didn’t get watered in properly.

Do you remove the weeds? No we kill existing weeds and prevent new weed growth. Most weeds will die and blow away in the wind. Some hearty weed species may need trimming.

What about the crawlspace? We treat the crawlspace every 6 months

How to keep bugs away: Put all food, dog food, compost and garbage in containers with airtight lids. Pet food on the porch needs an airtight container. Clean dishes- don’t let them pile up in the sink. 

*Spiders do something called ballooning– they raise their abdomen and release a string of web, then balloon on the wind, up to 1.5 miles! If they land on your screen and don’t walk through the product, we can’t kill them. You may notice more spiders in the summer if you leave your doors and windows open with screens.


If you are seeing ants outside, that’s a great thing! Ants are great for the ecosystem! If you have ants coming into the kitchen, then call us. 

-We can do a specialty treatment using bait the ants take back to the queen, and the whole gallery dies. It may take up to 2 weeks. Don’t kill the ants coming for the bait, the sooner it gets back to the queen the sooner the gallery is gone.

Call today to schedule your weed and pest control treatment! We service all areas of the White Mountains! Have questions? You can text us, or call! Or email at [email protected]