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Weed Warranty

Weed treatment for Gravel

Warranty for gravel:  It can take weeds up to 30 days to die. Product must be watered in within 15 days with ½” water. If watered ½”, then within 30-60 days after treatment you qualify for: 1 free spot treatment of 1 gallon in gravel area only.

*There will still be weed growth, but you will get 70% control. When you have 2 services per year, then you can expect 90% control with minimal weed growth.

The first gallon is free, if you have more weeds than the 1 gallon will cover, the price will be $25/gal 

Don’t qualify for the 1 gallon, but want an additional treatment? No problem! Between 30-90 days after treatment we can do an additional treatment at $25/gal

*To water the area with ½” with a standard ⅝” garden hose( 1200 gal/hr) it will take at least 3.5 hours and 4,000 gallons of water on ¼ acre.

Not covered in warranty:

Dirt, grass, woodchips, and non gravel areas do not qualify for a free retreat. If having weed issues between 30-90 days from service on these non warrantied areas, we can do an additional treatment, cost will be $25/gallon used. 20+ miles away from the warehouse in Show Low will have a $50-200 trip charge depending on location. If having weeds 90 days past treatment, then client should schedule full second treatment of the year.

If the weeds in your yard are not able to be watered in, and you have a lot of areas not covered in the warranty, you may want to have 3 full treatments the first year to get better control. It is more cost effective for you to do full treatments than continual spot treatments throughout the year. 


You can expect up to 75% weed control after the first treatment in gravel areas, and up to 90% weed control after the second treatment onward when you have continuous service twice every year.

The price given is per service, is valid for 15 days, and is subject to raise as product prices increase.  We recommend treatment twice a year for best results.

Recommended schedule for standard weeds:

1st treatment-Spring: March 1-June 1   

2nd treatment- Summer: June 2- September 1

Warranty for Lawns


Recommended treatment schedule: 3x/year

1st- Spring: March 1- June 1

2nd- Summer: June 2-September 1

3rd- Fall: September 2-November 28

Lawns do not qualify for free spot treatment. If you are having weed growth 30-90 days after treatment, we can treat for $25/gallon. If after 90 days, schedule second full treatment. Treatment includes pre and post emergent, and fertilizer. Fall treatment will include winter lawn fertilizer to bolster the lawn as it goes dormant.

Magnesium sweep can be added for additional cost, speak with your technician if your lawn could use a super boost!

It is more cost effective for you to have the full treatments instead of continual spot treatments. 

Tree Saplings:

Tree Saplings- not weeds:

These are not weeds, and are not treated like weeds. Tree saplings need a different mix of products, and we have to be careful how we treat them so we do not kill the main tree. Price to treat tree saplings is an initial price of $50, with each sapling treated as an additional $5.  If it is a long distance, there will be a trip charge. (Forest Lakes, St. Johns, Concho, Holbrook, Eager, Springerville, Greer etc.) 

For tree saplings, if we do too good a job killing them we would also kill the main tree. Discuss the outcomes you would like for your saplings and the tree with your technician.

We appreciate your support of our business and our team. 

Why can’t we just do it for free?

Due to the significant increase in product cost this year, we are not able to re-treat areas not watered in correctly, or that are not covered in the warranty. In the past we have re-treated these areas to give our clients the best experience, while we absorbed the cost as a company. This year with high product costs, retreating areas not properly watered in and not covered by warranty is hurting our employees. It takes away the funds for bonuses, raises, and charitable donations. We hope you understand our need for enforcing the warranty stipulations.

Tree saplings will be continual maintenance and recurring treatment unless the tree is cut down and we treat the saplings and the stump.

A standard garden hose delivers 1200 gal/hour. To give the treated area 1/2″ of water, you need to water for at least 3.5 hours, or roughly 4000 gallons. It is very obvious when weeds have not been watered in properly, and unfortunately we will need to stick to our warranty. We can no longer give free re-treats to areas that do not qualify.