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If you have ants we’ve got you covered! Call today for a quote to get your ants taken care of!


Treatment Includes:

Our certified and licensed technician inspects what on your property is inviting the ants into your home.  The goal is not to just get rid of ants temporarily, but to prevent them returning in the future. We use a variety of products that will target ants without interrupting their pheromone trails.

The ant products we use are specially formulated to spread on contact to other ants. Ants are very social creatures and communicate through touch. Once our product reaches the queen, the whole gallery will collapse. Did you know that a new ant gallery can move into a vacant ant hill? That’s why we’ve discovered treating for ants is more than just applying product, it’s about changing the environment directly around your home.

Prevent ants from returning in these easy ways:

Store all food on counters and in the pantry in airtight containers. This includes pet foods. 

Store fruit and vegetables on the counters in airtight containers

Do not leave dishes in the sink overnight.

Reduce clutter on counters

Throw garbage with food away nightly, and store it in a garbage can outside with a lid.

Clean daily with disinfecting household cleaners.

Trim trees that touch or overhang your home so there is no easy path from trees to your home. Trim bushes surrounding your home so they aren’t touching. It’s important to remove organic material from around your home so when we apply the product it will actually go to where the ants are and not just on top of leaves or pine needles. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! 928-369-6415