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Wildlife Control

We solve YOUR wildlife issues- Guaranteed!

How We Help:

Sutton Weed and Pest Control technicians work with Game and Fish to properly trap and relocate wildlife. Squirrels, racoons, bats and skunks. These animals are the most common wildlife that like to make their home in your crawlspace, attic or walls! Our certified technicians will provide a full consultation, from your chimney through your crawlspace to find issues, damage, and wildlife. Then we provide a proposal on how we will resolve those issues found.


Sutton Weed and Pest Control specializes in wildlife removal, cleanup, and repair damages and Issues caused by wildlife. Our exclusion work- where we get rid of the wildlife and keep them from coming back- is guaranteed for 3 years! We are confident that we will solve your wildlife problem by removing the animals, and keeping them from re-entering your home. We also specialize in rodents where we do the same consultation, and provide solutions to the problem!

Common Wildlife We Handle:

Squirrels can create quite a disaster in your attic or crawl space, and love to tear up and nest in insulation. We will live trap the squirrels and relocate them into the woods where they will not find their way back to your home.  After all the squirrels are removed we will repair the damage they caused and seal off their entry points.  We will also give you landscape recommendations to prevent further problems.  We can do the work for you if you need.

Skunks are nocturnal and could be living on your property for weeks before you notice them.  Skunks eat just about anything from rodents, insects seeds, and cat food.  They like to live alone unless its cold, then they will burrow together to stay warm during the cold months.  They often have an unpleasant oder about them, and of corse their spray is incredibly smelly.  If your pet or home has been sprayed by a skunk we can neutralize the odor.   


Raccoons are a problem when they take up residence in your attic or are getting into your trash cans.  Raccoons living in your attic will use 1 location for a bathroom called a latrine.  Latrines are filthy bio hazards and must be sterilized.  After we trap the raccoon we will seal off entry points and repair the damage they caused including cleaning the latrine.  

Bats in the white mountains usually migrate south for the winter, however some species do hibernate over winter at their favorite summer home.  Bats are great at eating flying insects, in fact they are great neighbors when they live near your home just not when they live in it.  They like to roost in your attic and eves causing a toxic mess with their droppings.  if bats are in your attic we will install a 1 way door so the bats can leave but not reenter.  When all the bats are gone all entry points will be sealed up and bat proofed.  We will also clean up the bat droppings and sterilize the area.

Gophers and Moles cause serious problems from burrowing into the dirt. If you see small piles of dirt that don’t belong, you probably have gophers. Gofers can quickly multiply and take over a lawn or yard when left untreated.  

We also do bird control, so if you have wood peckers or other birds we can take care of them. We are happy to help repair the damage the birds may have done. We service both residential and commercial properties.