Pest Control

We will solve YOUR pest control problems- GUARANTEED! 
We will lay down a protective barrier of product to protect your home from pests. Bugs will walk through the product and then die. Our products are not repellants, we follow Purdue University’s guidelines on pest control protocols to give you the best and most effective pest control!
What we treat: We knock down all cobwebs. We lay down product around the perimeter of your home- 6 feet out from the foundation and 3 feet up the foundation. We treat around all doors and windows, the eaves, on top of and below decks, and in the crawlspace every 6 months. If you are having a specific pest issue inside then we can apply product around the baseboards of your home.
Pet and Child Friendly! Our products are safe to touch once dry.  We recommend allowing the product to dry before pets or children come in contact with the treated area. If contact occurs while product is still wet, wash area with soap and water to avoid irritation. 
Safety is our number one priority: Our products are carefully measured and mixed according to the label. We also record the products and amounts used on your invoice to provide you a record of products used on your home.
We treat spiders, ants, beetles, moths, bees and wasps.
We will NOT treat the inside of your home unless there is a specific need to do so.  Purdue University, the leader in pest control training, has recommended that no chemicals should be applied inside your home, exposing your family to unnecessary risk unless there is a pest to kill. We care about your family as much as ours and want them to be safe at home.
No matter your pest problem we can handle it.  Some tips to prevent infestation: remove debris from your yard especially near your home and under bushes and trees.  Trim bushes and trees so that they are not touching your home.  Do not over water your plants or grass, insects are attracted to moisture.  In fact moisture is the leading factor in roach infestation.  Store fire wood off the ground and away from your home.
If you have a pest problem give us a call and let us protect your home from further infestation.


Ants: There are over 12,000 ant species in the world.  In fact more types of ants have been observed on a single tree in the Amazon rain forest than in the whole of England.  Ants in your yard, is no big deal.   Treating your yard for ants includes identifying their gallery or home. Then treating with bait, liquid, granule or dust to kill the colony with focus on the queen. when the queen is dead the entire colony will collapse.  

ants pest control

Ants infesting your home is another matter. There are several types of ants that do infest wood in the White Mountains and do cause damage.  If you see ants in your home look for where they come from. Look for frass, it looks like sawdust. Look for where they are coming from then DO NOT TREAT THEM YOURSELF.  Call a professional.  Most over the counter sprays will repeal the ants causing them to move to other locations in your home. We can treat your home and kill the ants with out harming your family or pest.

Bed Bugs: Bed Bug infestations are becoming more common these days.  Bed Bugs are easily transferred at school, daycare, friends homes and even work.  We do have effective bed bug treatments that can kill bed bugs safely and quickly.  To reduce bed bug problems vacuum regularly, remove clutter and launder bedding regularly. 

Bees and Wasps: Wasps and Yellow Jackets like to make their homes the ground, in eves, trees or bushes.  Usually they are not a problem until you step on the hive or get too close.  If you do RUN as fast as you can and get indoors or into a car.  Wasps can sting many times before they die.  An encounter with a wasp swarm can be deadly.  If you find a bee hive or wasp nest call us right away and we will eliminate them quickly so that you and your family can be safe.


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