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Centipedes and Other Household Pests

Centipedes and household pests can be frightening, especially if you find one under your pillow! 

Centipedes have one pair of legs per body segment. They are nocturnal, and have venomous bites. They eat insects like spiders, cockroaches and other small arthropods. Stings from centipedes are very painful and cause swelling.

Why are centipedes in my home?

Centipedes enter your home through gaps around crawlspace pipe penetrations and through damp cool locations like basements or crawlspaces. (We seal those!) They also may enter through gaps under doors, under garage door seals, or through open doors in the summer.

How do you kill or prevent centipedes?

Like all insects and household pests, they are excellent for the environment! It is never the goal for Sutton Weed and Pest technicians to kill all species of bugs on your property. Instead, our goal is to provide a protective barrier for your home. Pests walk through the barrier our technicians lay down, and then will die. If you have continuous treatment year round, the barrier will keep insects out, including centipedes.

If you see a centipede in your home and you’ve had pest control services, then it has walked through the product and will die. Seeing a centipede in your home can be scary, but if it is out during the day that’s a good sign! That means it’s neurological system is being affected- it has walked through the product. Our products are neurotoxins to pests, so if you see a pest acting uncharacteristically then there’s a great chance it’s walked through the product. 

What other pests do our products target?

Our pest control products target spiders, beetles, centipedes, cockroaches, fleas, moths, stink bugs, and ticks. We have other products that will target ants, wasps and bees, or other pests that are causing an infestation. 

Our pest control products are not repellants to bugs. The do interrupt the pheromone trail of ants, but for other species of household bug they have no affect on their senses. that means in order to die, bugs must walk through the product barrier.

What parts of a home do we treat?

We apply our protective barrier around all exterior doors and windows, above and below decks, 3 feet up and 6 feet out from the foundation, the eaves, and we treat the crawlspace every 6 months. Not only do we treat those areas, but we also knock down all spider webs.

For more information, please call us at 928-369-6415, or visit the article on our pest control services.