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Rodent Control

We will solve your rodent issues- guaranteed!

How we help:

We will provide a full consultation from your chimney down through your crawlspace, detailing in a proposal for you the issues we find and how we will resolve them. We have certifications from NWCOA– the national certifying board for rodent and wildlife operators. We have taken courses to learn the best methods of rodent control, and how to seal homes so the rodents don’t get back in! We call this exclusion work- it means we will keep rodents out! We also do this for issues with wildlife!

What Materials We Use:

Did you know rats can chew through cement and other materials? We use materials that they can’t chew through to seal your home. We also repair any damages that rodents may have caused. At Sutton Weed and Pest Control, we  specialize in cleaning, disinfecting and installing new insulation in crawlspaces and attics. Our Goal is to make your home more safe to live.


Rodents carry many diseases, and we do not recommend going in a crawlspace is there is rodent poop or damaged insulation. Our technicians wear full face respirators to protect themselves from bacteria, viruses and other diseases from rodents and wildlife. The most dangerous disease that is commonly transmitted from rodents is called the HantaVirus which causes serious issues in the respiratory system.
Rodent Control: Rodent infestations are on the rise.  If you find a rodent or evidence of rodents such as droppings or holes chewed in boxes or missing pet food, give us a call.  We can trap mice and rats in your home to protect your family.  
We have long term rodent control programs that will kill rodents before they enter your home.We use Integrated Pest Management or IPM to treat your Rodent problem.  The first step is to (1) inspect, (2) exclusion, (3) sanitation, (4) mechanical tools, (5) rodentcides (Mallis).

We’ve Got Your Back

If your home has an infestation we can inspect your home and identify rodent entry points.  Then seal off the rodent entry points.  Give you sanitation recommendations, clean problem areas.  Trap or bait rodents according to your unique situation.​To make your home less attractive to rodents, keep your pet food in sealed metal or plastic containers and don’t leave water out over night.  Keep plants and grass trimmed away from your home.  Remove debris from your home.  Keep fire wood off the ground and away from your home.  In your home, remove clutter and keep all food that comes in boxes or bags in sealed plastic or glass containers.


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