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Pest Control with Products Safe to Touch

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Product Safety for Children and Pets

Any product your home is treated with would naturally raise concerns about safety for your pests and children. The products we use  are top of the line,  EPA approved, and we are diligent to measure and apply correctly.

The top of the line product we use is also micro encapsulated. It’s roughly the size a zit on an ant would be. This microencapsulation protects people and pets from the product, and works by rubbing onto bugs when they walk through. This microencapsulation also makes the product effective for over 90 days, rain, snow and sun won’t damage it or break it down. After 90 days then it does get broken down. This is why our most popular service is Pest Control Quarterly. It also gives you the most bang for your buck, which I’ll talk about below.

Many home owners think it is a better option to do pest control themselves, but this puts their families at risk. Improper application of products can lead to illness and even death. Your technicians have taken specialized trainings and have certifications showing they know how to properly handle, mix and apply products. We also have regular inspections by the state where they review our records to make sure the appropriate concentrations and applications are used.

Trusting your families safety is our number one priority. Our goal is to keep you as protected and safe as possible. Our products are actually safe to touch once dry! When products are applied at the correct concentration, with correct application as directed by the state and the EPA label on the products.

How do you know if your pest control company is following the state and EPA guidelines?ants pest control

You don’t need to feel like a fish out of water when it comes to reading your service record! You can email us a copy at [email protected] and we will provide the label instructions, concentration rates and effectiveness for the products your company has listed as being applied. We will give you a 100% honest report. If they are applying the product correctly, then excellent! If not, you may want to notify the state and consider switching to a different company. This report is free. It’s more important to our family that you are receiving the safest service than only helping our customers. The more safe we are on the mountain, the better for the whole community! 

Some things to look for: product name, concentration and gallons used. You can look up the product on google, read the label and inspect the MSDS sheet. Since we are experts in this and read labels and MSDS sheets daily, we are happy to help! If you have any questions about application methods, or what sets our products and services apart from the others, we would be more than happy to help! 

Why our Service is a Better Value

We are not cheap, we do not use the cheapest products available. But because we insist on using the top of the line product, our products are more effective, and our application protocol is more thorough than anyone else’s. How can I make such claims? Our quarterly price includes free retreats, so it’s more of a subscription program. You pay one price quarterly, and if you divide it by the 3 months involved, you will  be paying less than other competitors monthly price, and you will be getting a more effective service! 

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For our service protocol, we knock down all the cobwebs on the outside of your home. This is included in the service, and if you have cobwebs inside, we will knock those down as well! As a homeowner and mom, I noticed that I didn’t have problems with spiders on the floor with out old pest control method, but there were spiders and webs all over the eaves, porches and ceilings. As a team my husband and I had to find a solution. Not only do we knock down all the webs, but we also treat the eaves! 

Spiders can still balloon on the wind, which is where they raise their abdomen and release a string of web, and float on the wind. they may still land on our roof or eaves, but when they walk through the product they die. Our spiders are practically non existent. We may get the occasional one that snuck in through an open door on the wind, but having the eaves rid of cobwebs and treated with product was a game changer.

The products we use are effective for over 90 days. We apply 2, a liquid product and a granular product. They work differently, so complement each other well. We do not treat your firewood, or garden. Proper application is so vital to the safety and effectiveness of our products.

Our technicians will also treat your crawlspace every 6 months. Crawlspaces are perfect hiding places for bugs, especially spiders. But with our product applied in an area that receives no traffic or sunlight, it is effective for up to 1 year. 

Want to learn more about what sets our service above the rest? Feel free to reach out! 

You can call our office at 928-369-6415, or email [email protected]

Your safety is our number one concern.