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Bed Bugs No More

Unfortunately we no longer treat for bed bugs, but there are things you can do right away for bed bugs before another pest professional comes to the rescue! The main goal is to not transfer bed bugs to other areas in the home.

Here are the steps we advise to prepare your home so bed bugs do not spread, and the area can be properly treated.

Packing and Furniture Prep

  1. Transport all items that can be laundered to the washer in big black trash bags that are closed. You don’t want to risk dropping bed bugs along the way.
  2. Everything that can be laundered needs to be washed on the hottest cycle you have with both the washer and dryer. This includes: drapes, bedding, stuffed animals, pillows, and clothes. Laundering in temperatures at least 140 degrees have been proven to kill bed bugs.
    1. Any bags that were used to transport linens need to be thrown out.
    2. Clean items need to be placed in sealed trash bags or closed containers prior to treatment.
    3. If some items cannot be washed but can be dried, put them in the dryer on the hottest cycle for at least 30 minutes.
  3. All furniture should be pulled away from the walls and baseboards at least 2 feet. Including book shelves, night stands etc. Bed bugs can hide in these places, not just the bed. 
  4. Remove contents from dressers, book shelves etc. so that the interiors may be treated. Items in these pieces that can’t be laundered need to be put in boxes or plastic bags in the center of the room. 
  5. Remove all pictures and things hanging on the wall to be inspected for treatment.
  6. Lift mattresses and box springs out of the bed frame and stand these against the wall.
  7. Open any futons, sleeper sofas or convertible beds for treatment.
  8. If some items need to be dry cleaned, put them in a sealed trash bag, take them to the dry cleaner, and let them know they need to be treated with the hottest settings.


When you vacuum thoroughly, this will help pick up bed bugs, and is an important step in this process. Dispose of the debris in a trash bag and seal, then out. If your vacuum canister can be rinsed out, do so with the hottest water you have.

  1. Vacuum floors, carpets, and area rugs twice. Then roll up rugs and put standing up against the wall.
  2. Vacuum mattresses including crevices, handles, or buttons.
  3. Vacuum the baseboards, bed frame, sofas, futons, recliners and other upholstered furniture.


You can purchase a high quality bed bug mattress encasement and one for the box spring online. You put the cover on, and should not need to throw out your mattress. This cover traps any bed bugs that are there. 

Most often furniture does not need to be thrown out but can be successfully treated. If you do decide to throw away any furniture, it needs to be completely wrapped in plastic before you move it. If not, bed bugs could fall out in your home, and cause more problems.


If you follow these steps when you first notice bed bugs you will keep them from spreading, and be fully prepared to have your home or rooms treated.