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Get Rid of Rodent Problems In Show Low, Heber, White Mountains AZ

Got Rodents? We can get rid of your rodent problem! Maybe you’re seeing rodent poop, or some small droppings in your home that may be rodent poop! It’s ok, we can solve your problem! I know how scary it is to open the bottom oven drawer and find droppings! When we first moved into our home, that’s what I found! 

Droppings mean rodents, which mean disease!

Those were the first few thoughts running through my head. My husband reassured me he could fix the problem, and he did! Yes, where there are rodents there are diseases, and that can be scary. Our team not only repairs the damage rodents cause to get into your home, but we also apply disinfectant to kill the over 30 diseases associated with rodent poop and urine. We also clean the damaged insulation, rodent poop and nests out of the crawlspace.

How do you clean up rodent droppings inside your home? If you have a hepa filter shop vac, we recommend you use that. If you would like, our team can come and remove the rodent droppings, clean the area to be rid of urine, and disinfect to eliminate the diseases and bacteria.

If you would like to do this yourself, be sure to use soap and water, and then apply a disinfectant. Follow all label guidelines from the manufacturer. Chemicals are amazing for cleanup, but can also be dangerous if not used properly.

 How We Solve Your Rodent Problems

If you have rodents in your crawlspace or basement you may have them in the attic as well. Our team does a full consultation, inspecting from your chimney down through your crawlspace or basement. Not only do we identify current damage, but we also look for weaknesses in your home that may allow rodent or wildlife entry in the future. Our 2 part proposal lists all of the items discovered in the inspection, and shows the recommendations and how we will solve the existing problems, as well as recommendations to prevent future problems.

Our rodent inspections are thorough: we inspect the chimney, roof, pipes, eaves, bird locks, gable vents, siding, seals around doors and windows, crawlspace doors, insulation, debris, see if there is hvac damage, and more! We do not repair HVAC damage, but recommend with White Mountain Heating and Cooling to repair the duct work. The end results are completely customizable to you! If you would like to fix the current damage, and repair some vulnerabilities, we will do that. 

Long Term Control

It’s important to note that when you live in the mountains like we do, right next to the woods and wilderness, rodents will be a continual issue. We do monthly rodent control using top of the line EPA certified bait stations. The goal with long term rodent control is to reduce the population surrounding your home. With an easily available food source, rodents will be more likely to go for the food in the stations and not try to damage your home to gain entrance! 

Our Winning Formula

We remove rodents, droppings and damaged insulation. Then we apply disinfectant, and then repair the damages. Our team will even install new insulation to keep your home energy efficient.  Once the repairs are complete, we do extra measures to prevent entrance into the crawlspace or basement, and only use rodent proof materials. Then we provide monthly rodent control to keep your home protected from further rodent invasion. 

What Makes Us The Best?

We only use top of the line materials. Our technicians have been certified from the top National Company, the industry’s leaders in wildlife control. It’s called the National Wildlife Control Operators Association, or NWCOA. Studying the latest methods, we  know the materials that will work, and the ones that won’t. Did you know that foam does not work against rodents, and other materials like cement rodents can even chew through! Because we have these excellent certifications and further training, we are confident we can solve your rodent issues. We are so confident in our work and services, that we even provide a 3 year warranty on all of our work! 

Schedule Now

Call today to schedule your Consultation and find out how we can solve your specific rodent issue.  Call 928-369-6415 to schedule now!