Weed Control

Weed Warranty

Weed treatment for Gravel Warranty for gravel:  It can take weeds up to 30 days to die. Product must be watered in within 15 days with ½” water. If watered ½”, then within 30-60 days after treatment you qualify for: 1 free spot treatment of 1 gallon in gravel area only. *There will still be […]

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Weeds of the White Mountains 2022

Weed situations for 2022 This year has been intense for weeds, especially with these amazing monsoons we’ve been having! Because of this, we are implementing some new strategies! continue reading to learn new protocols, and interesting facts about weeds. Crazy face: It will take 4,000 gallons of water to water in your weed product 1/2″ […]

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When lawn, bushes and trees struggle- here’s how to fix it!

Concerned over the health of your plants? Here are some easy solutions to have the best health for all plants In the White Mountains!  If a plant has damage, remove the damaged parts so the plant can focus its energy on the parts that can thrive.  For lawns:  If your lawn is already unhealthy, a […]

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Get the Most Out of Weed and Pest Control

We want you to have the best experience with us, and get the most out of your weed and pest control services.  Weeds: We kill existing weeds and prevent new ones using pre and post emergents all in one treatment. Have a lawn? We use liquid fertilizer!  Here’s how to get the best weed control […]

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