Bed Bugs

We will get rid of your bed bugs- guaranteed!

We do a thorough inspection to find where the bed bugs are located: we check outlets, dressers, closets, under the carpet, the bed frame, box spring, mattress, windows, vents and any other areas to correctly identify that there is a bed bug issue. Then we use specialized products to treat the rooms infested with bed bugs.

Unlike other companies, our treatment is a one and done process. If you are still having issues after 30 days we will come and retreat for free! Guaranteed! 

One common questions we get asked is: How soon is it safe to go back into the room? It is recommended to wait until the product is dry, and then you can enter the room, and sleep in it that very night! 

We read and follow all EPA label recommendations to mix our products. Your safety is important to us, and it is our promise to always apply product safely- as directed by the label.

Bed Bugs area becoming a serious problem here in the White Mountains.  They are easily transferred from one infested area to another.  The source could be a hotel, movie theater, friends home, school, etc.  Bedbugs will hitch a ride on any cloth they can find: shoes, back packs, blankets, pillow cases, clothing or what ever they come across. If you suspect you have bed bugs call Sutton Weed and Pest Control immediately at 928-369-6415.  We will come out and inspect your home and identify any problems you may have.

For our treatment to be the most effective:

  • First, you must wash and dry every cloth material in any room(s) you suspect may have bedbugs, including the bed sheets, blankets, clothing, curtains etc., and throw your pillows in the dryer at the hottest setting safe for the material. 
  • Second, buy good quality bed bug mattress encasement. Remember: you get what you pay for and a cheap cover will tear easily or fail to prevent bed bugs from getting through the encasement.
  • Third, figure out where the bed bugs came from.  Was it from a friend coming over for dinner? Did they come from your child’s back pack?  Maybe they picked them up at school or a friends house?  How about a relatives home you stayed at?  Or maybe a hotel?

Once you know were they came from you can avoid a re-infestation by avoiding contact with the source.

DIY get rid of bed bugs: We don’t recommend you do any DIY bedbug treatments. In the end you will spend more money, and can put yourself at serious risk.

Do not treat with diatomaceous earth.  When bed bugs detect dusts or chemicals they will avoid them and simply infest other rooms or other places in the first room.  

Don’t treat with any professional chemicals on your own. Every year people are sickened or killed by self treating bed bugs with professional chemicals.

DO NOT HEAT TREAT your home.  Homes  have burned to the ground because home owners have tried to save money by heat treating their homes. We can safely treat your home with the latest and most effective products to ensure your family’s safety.  We will bring you peace of mind and help you sleep at night.


We will solve your bed bug problem the first treatment- guaranteed! Call Sutton Weed and Pest Control today! 928-369-6415

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